The Directorate of Research and Postgraduate Studies

The Directorate of Research and Postgraduate Studies at UTPL aims to promote the research and scientific production of  UTPL professors. This will be achieved by providing the necessary conditions for the implementation of  a series of activities that maximize output in both research and output.


  •     Propose policies that promote research and scientific production at the university;
  •     Design research evaluation policies and those for intellectual production;
  •     Promote the creation of postgraduate courses that have a connection with academic research;
  •     Propose policies that promote the creation of installed research capacity.

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The Directorate of Research and Innovation

The Directorate of Research and Innovation aims to establish UTPL as a Higher Education Institution that not only provides a high level of academic research, but also reflects the needs of the 21st century. In this regard, one of its core transversal aims is to implement innovation and entrepreneurial activities in scientific research, innovation, and knowledge transfer. In this regard, the Directorate aims to create a portfolio of products and services that maximize the potential of innovation and entrepreneurship activities at UTPL.
The implementation of the Center for Entrepreneurship at the Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja thus responds to the needs for unifying and maximizing the potential of various competences in the management of entrepreneurship at UTPL. By so doing, it will provide a rapid, efficacious, and efficient response to the current demands in this sector, and will enable it to become a global university with a strong entrepreneurial focus.

  • ts key objective is to create an institutional environment for the promotion of entrepreneurship, to provide all the necessary conditions for its successful implementation, as well as to establish higher education spaces that facilitate this process- thus fostering a spirit of entrepreneurship at UTPL at the academic, administrative, and student level. In this way, those that form part of this process will act as essential catalysts of innovative and entrepreneurial activities.
  • The Directorate of Research and Innovation therefore aims to implement those entrepreneurial activities that can be feasibly carried out at the UTPL campus.
  •  In addition, the Directorate of Research and Innovation aims to establish - in conjunction with FEDES- the UTPL Entrepreneurial Programmed called “Emprende UTPL”, or "Innovate UTPL".
  •  Finally, the Department aims to support the entrepreneurial activities that are carried out at the UTPL “Innovation Centers”, including those related to the production of ceramics, milk products and foods, technology transfer, and others.
  •  In short, the Directorate of Research and Innovation seeks proactive individuals with a dynamic vision, namely individuals who, during moments of challenge, see windows of opportunity as opposed to barriers or obstacles.


  •    Promote a spirit of entrepreneurship at UTPL;
  •    Propose innovation and entrepreneurship policies to the Vice-Rector of Research.

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Directorate of Knowledge Transfer


  •     Promote Knowledge Management and its subsequent transfer to society.
  •     Help manage and support the UTPL Knowledge Transfer Program.

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